Thursday, July 05, 2012

Graph: TAG Employment since 2000

Once again, it's time for Animation Guild employment stats ...

If you follow the state of live-action production in Southern California, you know that many live-action features have vamoosed to distant locations offering tax rebates, and that television work has been struggling.

Television production in and around Los Angeles has continued to slide, keeping overall production numbers flat in the most recent quarter, according to a report released Tuesday from FilmL.A. Inc.

[The organization] reported that on-location production was down 0.4% for the three months ending June 30 (11,209 permitted production days) compared with the same period in 2011 (11,260 days). ...

Happily, unionized animation work has seen an upward trend:

TAG Employment

3rd quarter 2011 -- 2,564

4th quartter 2011 -- 2,622

1st quarter 2012 -- 2,669

2nd quarter 2012 -- 2,709

Animation, of course, has seen a renaissance in recent years, but that doesn't mean the graph lines always run to the northeast. It's often the case that as one studio hires, another is laying off as a couple of series end or a feature production wraps.

Still in all, the current marketplace has powered steady growth in Cartoonland over the past several years. That's a good thing.


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