Wednesday, February 28, 2007

El Studios

At Disney Toons Sonora (second floor), there is a thin coating of white dust over desks and cubicles on the east side of the building as reconstruction continues in the west. Happily, only a couple of dozen staffers have to wipe off their work surfaces each morning when they come in.

Most of Mermaid III, the last hand-drawn direct-to-video feature on the books, has been shipped to Toon City.

Downstairs at Disney TVA -- where dust has stayed away and most upstairs noise is subdued -- work continues apace on the second season of Mickey's Clubhouse (thirty-nine episodes). There's also work going on for Emeperor's New School second season, with a third season to start shortly.

And I've been in and out of DreamWorks Animation a bunch the last few days, meeting with a few staffers and handing out pension info. Animators tell me the Bee Movie is really coming together (which is a good thing.) Last week, Mr. Seinfeld was around the DW campus shooting new video teasers for the film. (One of the old ones is here.)


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