Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The WGA Amends Its Strike Rules

And now for some brighter news: The WGA strike rules have been updated. They used to apply to some WGA members who wrote for feature animation. The original version of the rules said it was prohibited for WGA writers to work under:

... contracts for writing services in connection with fully animated theatrical features negotiated or entered into during the strike.

Happily, that's no longer the case. The WGA strike rules now say:

The [Strike] Rules apply to (1) all network primetime animated series covered by a WGA contract and (2) contracts for writing services with struck companies in connection with fully animated theatrical features.

The words "struck companies," the WGA informs me, refers to companies doing feature animation with which the WGA has contracts (like, for instance, Fox-Gracie Films). The Guild said to me:

"Were not telling people that they can't work for animation companies covered by an IATSE agreement..."

This verbal explanation is made clear further down the WGA's current strike rule page:

... With regard to animation programming, this Rule applies to all network primetime animated series covered by a WGA contract. In addition, members are prohibited from performing writing services for any struck company on a fully animated feature. With respect to all other companies, members are encouraged during the strike to refrain from negotiating or entering into a contract for the performance of writing services in connection with fully animated theatrical features, though this request is not enforceable through Guild discipline ...

So, are we clear on this? The Strike rules have been changed, and for the better. The WGA is no longer asserting that its members can't write on fully animated features covered by an IA contract. Happy day.


Anonymous said...

For those of us working out of both unions,(WGA and TAG),this is great news...thanks very much for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

I've put up a clearinghouse of rumors and some facts at

Anonymous said...

During the WGA strike can a WGA and TAG member take a job writing animation for a non union studio like Fox? Or can we only work with a studio that has an collective bargining agreement with TAG?

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