Monday, February 27, 2012

Early Hyperion

Dick Lundy, Tom Palmer, Johnny Cannon, Dave Hand, Burt Gillett, Wilfred Jackson, Bert Lewis, Walt Disney, Les Clark, Ben Sharpsteen, Norm Ferguson, Floyd Gottfredson, Jack King. In front of the studio with early merchandise items, circa 1930.

This is a different angle of a pretty well-known photographic setup, from Hans Perk via Tom Sito.

(If Ward Kimball had been at the place then, he would have acquired one of those stuffed Mickeys and saved it in mint condition for the next seventy-two years.)

Hans Perk writes:

This is the very first Hyperion building, from 1926. It would effectively block the left entrance to the Gelsons' parking lot. A small hallway in the center, on the right Roy's office, with I&P behind it. On the left Walt's office,... and the animators behind it, like in Dave Smith's article in Funnyworld, except without Ub Iwerks. This building would have six feet added to the front very soon after this picture.

Like Mr. Sito, I had never seen this specimen before. (Maybe it's generally known, I donno. Just not by me.)


Anonymous said...

This, along with many other very rare Disney photographs from the Disney Photographic Library, will be published in the series that has included Story, Design, Animation, and Layout and Background that Disney has been releasing. I don't believe they've announced a street date for publication yet.

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