Sunday, July 30, 2017

Standard CBA minimums go up on July 30, 2017.

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On Sunday, July 30, 2017, wage minimums in the Local 839 Master Agreement and the Nickelodeon Agreement increase. The increase to the minimums will be three percent.

For both agreements, minimums increase to those listed under the "Third Period" heading (7/30/2017-7/31/2018) for those working at studios signed to the agreements, in the classifications listed.

Both of these contracts are in force through 7/31/2018.

Other Contracts:

Here's a list of all the agreements and their end dates:

Local 839 Master Agreement ( 7/31/2018 )
Nickelodeon Agreement ( 7/31/2018 ) - an updated version is in work.
The Secret Lab (TSL) Agreement  (most artists at Disney Feature ) ( 10/29/2018 )
Warner Animation Group (WAG) Agreement ( 4/30/2019 )
Sony Pictures Animation (SPA) Agreement ( 9/23/2019 ) - an updated version is in work.

Not sure which contract you are working under? Give the Guild office a call at 818-845-7500, or email Help us by giving your full legal name and the production and studio you're working for.

And as always, if you believe you are being paid improperly, please contact the Guild office immediately.


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