Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mustang: Crew strikes, achieves union contract w/ benefits

Organizing is a key piece of preserving union wages, benefits and working conditions.
Last week, crew members on the Legende Films production of Mustang walked off the set, on strike for benefits and better working conditions. On Thursday, an IATSE contract was successfully negotiated and production resumed with a union crew! Kudos to IATSE International Representative Jamie Fry (@the_Jamie Fry) and all those that helped with the effort!

Other recent organizing successes:

September 2017 - Vice Media employees organize with WGA East and Motion Picture Editors Guild - IATSE Local 700. After beginning talks May 1, Vice Media recently agreed to recognize the WGA East and the Motion Picture Editors Guild and work in good faith toward negotiating a contract.

April 2017 - Crew of NBC's Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge decides that they have had enough and decide to take a stand for benefits, wages, and better working conditions. After 12 hours of negotiation, a deal was achieved and the crew went back to work.

Taking action to better your working conditions can be daunting and scary, but it is protected by federal law! Workers acting together can achieve wages and benefits that no individual can secure.

Read more about your right to organize at the Animation Guild website:


Ju-osh said...
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Ju-osh said...

When you have time, please address the 'Open Letter to the Animation Community' as well as its call for The Animation Guild to add language to the constitution that states that it can “censure, fine, suspend or expel any member of the guild who shall, in the opinion of the Executive Board, be found guilty of any act, omission, or conduct which is prejudicial to the welfare of the guild.”
This feels like a watershed moment of sorts -- a big step forward for the industry and what it deems 'acceptable' and/or acceptable to ignore.
Thanks for your work!

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