Friday, February 24, 2006

"Chicken Little 2" ...Buh Bye

On Wednesday, the crew of artists that had been working on "Chicken Little 2" was abruptly told its show had been cancelled. The first section of the DVD feature had just been put on reels and the artists were clicking along, then...BOOM. This is hardly the first time that a Toons project had been cancelled soon after launch...or two or three years in, for that matter. Canning projects, directors and artists is, I'm told by employees, a Toons management specialty. "No amount of cash too large to toss away," seems to be their motto.


Anonymous said...

There's another familiar motto:

"Why throw good money after bad?" ; )

I don't like to see artists out of work, but it's going to require some pain to build a better moustrap--whether it's a DTV or not.

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