Sunday, February 26, 2006


I know many of you are far more blog savvy than we are, so feel free to suggest things that might make this blog more interesting and useful. I want to get some photos up, so it's just not words and more words, but I had a much harder time than I should have when I tried that yesterday. I'll try again later, but any other suggestions are welcome.


Jenny Lerew said...

Kevin, re: pictures/graphics: for my blog I use Flickr(free--although I ugraded to "pro" status for a whopping 25 bucks or so--well worth it I think).
I highly recommend it as an easy way to add gaphics to your posts.
When I want to post an image I first upload it to my Flickr account, then it's as easy as pie to link it into my blog--Flickr has a page that gives you the exact code to paste into your post. What I used to have to do was laboriously upload to my server(i.e. Earthlink, for which I pay a monthly fee, of course)using a program like Fetch, then make sure the linking code on my raw HTML web page was the exact address, which was always a pretty convoluted one. Flickr is so easy to use it's sick.

The reason this blogging thing has exploded is because it's free, easy--and free and easy. ; ) Heretofore maintaining a website was a real drag. Just in the last few months, though, I've suddenly--via blogs--reconnected or "met" with so many people of talent & interest--many of whom literally work underneath me here, and who I'd never have had the chance to get to know! I love it. Terrific thing for the union to do. And thanks for linking to me!

Kevin Koch said...

Hi Jenny. Count me as one of the people who worked underneath you at DW for years ('underneath' as in the floor below!) but only "met" you recently in the blogosphere. It sure is a great secondary way to meet and get to know people. And BTW, what a great blog you have!

You're the second person to recommend Flickr. Given the problems I detailed in a more recent post, I'll try to get a Flickr account set up tonight while I'm thinking about it.

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