Monday, July 21, 2008

A Question and Answer

Last week I got a call from one of the writers on Sit Down, Shut Up, the Sony Adelaide series where the writers negotiated themselves better terms and conditions than the usual TAG c.b.a.* I was asked the question:

"Is TAG going to enforce the terms of this side letter?" ...

I had gone over the letter and signed it a day or two before. It's got stuff in it that's tied into the WGA's contract, to let you know. I told him:

"Yes, absolutely. Everything that's in it."

And we will. It's like, kind of a responsibility that labor organizations have.

* Although the usual TAG collective bargaining agreement says: "Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent any individual from negotiating and obtraining from the Producer better conditions and terms of employment than those herein provided ..."


Steve said...

I'm glad to hear this.

I would also hope that TAG uses this side letter, and the SDSU deal, to up the minimums for the rest of animation writers under it's purveyance.

Or at least, set some new primetime minimums, even if those prime times are on basic cable.

Looking forward to having these discussions with you in person when that group meeting gets set.

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