Friday, July 22, 2011


What with DreamWorks Animation laying people off for the first time in several years, I get questions from DWA staffers about what's out there ....

On the theatrical front, Disney is into the production of Wreck-It Ralph, and in development with King of the Elves, Snow Queen, and a hand-drawn picture from Ron-John. (I think I'm forgetting a property or two. Oh well.)

Sony continues to develop Hotel Transylvania (even as it waits to see how The Smurfs will do), and Fox hs revealed this:

... [Twentieth-Century Fox's] animation division has hired Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell and his brother Robert McDonnell to write the script for a feature-length animated film. ... The Mutts project was brought in by Fox Animation executive Ralph Millero. ...

Then there's the new Digital Domain animated feature starting to take shape at Port St. Lucie, Florida, the Pixar Princess movie, and various projects in the South Bay striving to get funding.

I know I've left stuff out, but it's late, I'm tired and the omitted subjects can always become fodder for another blog post.


Anonymous said...


In production:

Wreck-It Ralph
Prep & Landing: Naughty vs Nice
a 'Tangled' short

In development:

Chris Williams' "King of the Elves"
Chris Buck's "Snow Queen"
Dean Wellins' Film
Greno & Howard's Film
Don Hall's Film
Clements & Musker's Hand-Drawn Film
Burny Mattison's Hand-Drawn "Mickey Mouse" Film
John Kahrs' short film

Anonymous said...

"Pixar princess movie" ???
Anyone know anything about this?

Anonymous said...

^He probably means "Brave".

Anonymous said...

With "talent" like brad lewis going to DD, I'd be surprised ito see that place still open next year.

Anonymous said...

Correction: John Kahrs short film is in production

Anonymous said...

Which project is Clay Kaytis working on?

Steve Hulett said...

Last time I checked in with Mr. Mattinson, his Mickey-Donald,Goofy feature boards hadn't been greenlit for further development.

But this was some weeks ago, and I don't know where he is with it now.

Anonymous said...

Other than going through their human resources or department in charge of hiring - what's the best way to apply at Disney?

Are they staffing up for all of these projects?

Does the union know what positions are open there?

Steve Hulett said...

We get job openings from the various studios, and e-mail the job info to members a they're received.

There were some Disney job opening last week; computer positions, I think. Not necessarily union-covered positions. (I read them fast and move on.)

Anonymous said...

minna said...

I read Disney is working on an adaptation of Charles Perrault's fairy tale "Donkeyskin"...
is it true? if it's true, I will love it. Donkeyskin is my fav fable.
are Ron & John directors of this fairy tale?

Anonymous said...

I think John and Ron may be working on a feature based on Marvel's Guardians of

meg said...

Are you sure about it?
I don't find the news on the link.
A Marvel movie for Ron-John is too different from their movie. I think a movie about superhero could be the one directed by Don Hall, but not Ron&John's movie. I don't think Ron&John could make a movie about superheroes, I think they are working on a movie based from a famous tale, all their movie are based on famous tales (Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, Frog Prince, Sherlock Holmes and Treasure Island).
wait and see.

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