Friday, April 20, 2012

The "Informal" Imageworks Meeting

What was supposed to be an "informal meeting" with artists of Imageworks, has apparently been transformed into a newsworthy event.
Richard Verrier of the LA Times shared the story

Jonathan Handel of THR brought it to their readers

Dominic Patten picked it up for Deadline Hollywood
(with some slight errors, Peter Marley is an IATSE Representative not a TAG employee)

Also noteworthy is Mr. Verrier's piece that headed the LA Times Business section this morning on the on-going struggle of visual effects artists in Los Angeles.

VFX Soldier has called this the VFX Spring, relating this to the rebirth of awareness and the unionization effort. While its our belief the organization drive for visual effects was never withdrawn, we are certainly happy to see public awareness of the issues at hand, as well as the option of unionization, raised by the media.

We hope to meet all interested parties at the Culver Hotel today.


Anonymous said...

Rich Ross, chairman of Walt Disney Co.'s movie studio, stepped down after a two-year stint that included the release of "John Carter," one of the biggest flops in recent Hollywood history.

"I no longer believe that the chairman role is the right professional fit for me," Ross told his staff in an email.

Disney will not immediately name a new head for its studio, a source familiar with the matter said.

diablo said...

^ Dam! beat me to it!!


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Anonymous said...

Rich Ross.... hahahahahaha ....When will they ever learn.

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