Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meeting with Imageworks artists

This time last week, we commented on Cartoon Brew's interview with artists at Sony Pictures Imageworks who have taken up the cause of forming a union at the studio. I commented at the bottom of the post how proud I was of these artists for proactively initiating the organization drive. It shows great courage and indicates how times and sentiments in visual effects have changed over the last few years.

We were approached after the artists started their campaign and have aided in any way we were able. That's included suggesting ways to reach out to their colleagues, provided content for their website as well as reached out to the NLRB regarding their concerns over signing Representation Cards.

This week we're going to start taking a more active role. We've agreed to hold meetings for the Imageworks artists starting this week. IATSE Representative Vanessa Holtgrewe and I will be available to meet with artists on Friday at the Culver Hotel between 12-3.

The Culver Hotel is located at 9400 Culver Blvd in Culver City. The artists of the SPIUnion collective have asked that all vfx artists interested in asking questions feel free to attend the meeting. We'll have some information about the health and pension plans as well as some representation cards and return, stamped envelopes. We hope any and all vfx artist interested in learning about unionization and the organization process are able to attend. You'll be able to recognize me by my tell-tale TAG hat:

Location of the hotel:

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Anonymous said...


Here's hoping the folks there vote!

Steven Kaplan said...

Vote? We're meeting to present information, make some filers and rep cards available and answer any questions.

There is no "vote" taking place tomorrow at the Culver, in the Representation Election sense of the term.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Hope it goes through... Remember though, just because you're "Union"....that doesn't guarantee you'll be employed after the show you're working on wraps.

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