Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Big Hero Reveal

I spend too much time on the phone. The New York Times, which was among the journals at the Hat Building presentation for Big Hero 6, rolls out its story:

... “Big Hero 6” ... centers on a moody teenage orphan, Hiro, who lives with his aunt in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo and must cope with the sudden death of his older brother, Tadashi. The arrival of puberty doesn’t help — and, at first, neither does an inflatable white robot named Baymax, Hiro’s “personal health care companion.”

When Hiro, a robotics prodigy, discovers that a madman is threatening San Fransokyo — and using one of his own inventions, mind-controlled “microbots,” to do so — he builds an Iron Man-style suit for Baymax. Hiro then recruits four friends to his crime-fighting mission. ...

[T]he movie was approved by the only guy that ultimately matters: Robert A. Iger, Disney’s chief executive. When using the Marvel comic as inspiration was pitched up the Disney ladder, Mr. Lasseter said, “Bob Iger was like, ‘Heck yeah.’ ” ...

The Mouse is mixing up its pitches: Princess Movie; boy-kid movie; princess movie; boy-kid movie. And so on.

You think about it a minute, it's a pretty smart way to go.


Unknown said...

You forgot one Steve: Furry Movie!

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