Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wreck Deux

Okay, so maybe the roll-out date is a surprise. Hard to believe that this particular title with a "2" after its name could be.

... Standing in front of a not so subtle brick background, Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, the director and writer, respectively, of the first Wreck-It Ralph made the announcement on Facebook Live earlier today. But they weren’t alone. As they tried to make it official, John C. Reilly, who was wearing giant Wreck-It Ralph fists, kept interrupting wondering where he could find the almond milk and asking why Moore and Johnston were standing behind bricks. The three also announced that the film would be released on March 9, 2018, much earlier than the unannounced Disney Animation Studios title they have dated for 2020 – which may be for a different film entirely. ...

In today's entertainment industry, followups to successful animated features are as shocking as the sun coming up in the east. Second, third and fourth movies to Toy Story, Shrek, or Ice Age are to be expected. Merchandise must be sold. Ancillary markets must be served. Profits must be generated.

And conglomerates know that even robust franchises run down over time, so originals must be produced from time to time in the hope (expectation?) of creating brand-new tent-poles to generate more profits.


Unknown said...

What kind of problems was Gigantic having for it to get pushed back 9+ months? Word on the web was it's having story issues.

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