Sunday, December 04, 2016

Box Office Record

The House of Mouse has achieved tall turnstile totals in the U.S. of A.

With $2,491.4M at the domestic box office through today, The Walt Disney Studios has set a new industry record. The Mouse tops the previous record of $2.45B which Universal revved up in 2015. Overseas, Disney has crossed the $4B threshold for the first time in the studio’s history with $4,079.5M. Universal last year was the first studio ever to tilt past $4B, ending the year at $4.44B.

Worldwide, Disney’s stable of super and animated heroes has accumulated $6,570.9M to date. Walt Disney Animation’s Moana has just begun her global voyage ($177.4M to date). ...

Between Marvel Studios (run by Marvel brass that Disney trusts to rake in large amounts of cash) and Pixar/Walt Disney Animation Studios (run by John Lasseter/Ed Catmull), Diz Co. is firing on all cylinders.

And of course the Star Wars franchises will be adding significantly to the bottom line.


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