Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Congratulations, Tom Sito!

TAG President Emeritus Tom Sito (photo courtesy USC)

On June 29, 2017, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its newly elected 2017–18 Board of Governors...

Those elected to the Board for the first time are:

Whoopi Goldberg, Actors Branch
Mandy Walker, Cinematographers Branch
Isis Mussenden, Costume Designers Branch
Wynn P. Thomas, Designers Branch
Kimberly Peirce, Directors Branch
David Linde, Executives Branch
Christina Kounelias, Public Relations Branch
Thomas R. Sito, Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
Teri E. Dorman, Sound Branch
Larry Karaszewski, Writers Branch

Incumbent governors reelected to the Board include:

Lora Kennedy, Casting Directors Branch
Kate Amend, Documentary Branch
Michael Tronick, Film Editors Branch
Kathryn L. Blondell, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
Charles Bernstein, Music Branch
Albert Berger, Producers Branch

Returning to the Board after a hiatus is:

Richard Edlund, Visual Effects Branch

The Academy’s 17 branches are each represented by three governors, who may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms. The Board of Governors sets the Academy’s strategic vision, preserves the organization’s financial health, and assures the fulfillment of its mission.

The full list of Academy governors is available at http://www.oscars.org/about/board-of-governors.


chrisheadrick said...

Congratulations, Tom! I was so happy to see you--someone who has served animation artists, representing them--beat out Edwin Catmull--someone who has colluded against animation artists--for the position. Glass raised.

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