Monday, June 07, 2010

The one that got away

The Misfits by Patrick Maté. Click on the thumbnail for a high-res image.

At the silent auction Saturday night at Pres Aid, I had my heart set on getting this picture, but such was not to be ...

A Disney exec outbid me. (Kudos to the Mouse House employees who showed up and bought lots of stuff.)

And the full-on auction is June 20th. Be there.

Add On: That's Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift up in the picture there, in case you're wondering. From (as stated) "The Misfits", circa 1961. It was Gable's and Monroe's last picture.


Anonymous said...

It's a real beauty by Patrick, alright.

I'd been waiting to blog about the Pres auction(s) as I didn't want to post too early about it...but I admit I am now thoroughly confused. I thought the silent auction started the other day-not ended. I also just saw yesterday that there's been items auctioned on Ebay that have also ended already, on an ongoing schedule apparently. There have been things I've seen and wanted to bid on but I was unsure which day/when they would be made available. My bad, I know but the web blog didn't make it clear to me.

Of course, it's all good and I'll put up a post to the June 20the live auction this week.
I don't know Pres personally, but I kind of felt I knew him from Patrick's great drawings of their escapades together some years back, which were hilarious. From all this support and what I hear he's a wonderful guy as well as a terrific artist.

Kevin Koch said...

I'm sorry that you missed bidding on some items. I was explicit on the Pres=Aid site what day the first 10 eBay items were closing--I posted about these items several times. There are now 10 more items on eBay, all with auction end dates of Sunday the 13th. I will likely put more items on eBay before these close, so bookmark the above link and check it periodically, and you'll always see what's on eBay. There is another Patrick Mate piece on eBay right now.

I've summarize how the auction works several times, but I know it's confusing. The Silent Auction was just for the night of the Reception, to generate more interest in that event, and to auction some of the bulky items of lower value. I've never seen a silent auction that went for an extended period of time, so I assumed people would realize it was a one-night thing. Sorry for the confusion.

There will be more pieces going on eBay before the live auction on June 20. This is for three reasons: to generate interest in the Pres-Aid auction, to thin our stock of artwork (we have more than we can sell in an afternoon), and also because some pieces will go for more on eBay. A few high ticket items will also go on eBay, with the hope of getting bidders from all over the world. But the bulk of the almost 200 pieces we've received will be up for auction (about 120 pieces) at the live event on June 20 at the TAG building in Burbank. Whatever doesn't make it into the June 20 event, or doesn't meet its reserve that day, will then go on eBay.

Does that all make sense?

Jenny Lerew said...

It makes sense!
Believe me it's MY ignorance, not any particular lack on your part. I think it's just the various auctions that I was registering in my mind as one "Pres-Aid" event, not several. In particular the Ebay things got away from me. I do get it now, though-thanks. Again, just my not keeping up properly--there's so many items! And all pretty amazing, at that.
(Btw that was me up top, not logged in yet. Thanks again Kevin!)

Kevin Koch said...

Jenny, did you see the Fred Moore piece that you blogged about a couple of years ago?

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