Monday, June 21, 2010

The Pres-Aid Art Auction

CHARLES SOLOMON (right) introduces the guest of honor, PRES ROMANILLOS.

... happened yesterday at the Animation Guild's second-floor meeting hall.

KEVIN KOCH, who coordinated the auction, helps set up along with Executive Board members BOB FOSTER and STEPHAN ZUPKAS.

Over 200 art pieces were donated and sold. Over $70,000 was raised. TAG President Kevin Koch was the lead engine of the enterprise, and it was his hard work and organizational chops that pulled the auction together.

One hundred-plus collectors and animation professionals spent Sunday afternoon bidding against one another for one-of-a-kind animation art, original comic panels, and paintings and drawings from some of the biggest names in our business.

HOWARD LOWERY, the auctioneer.


Retired H-B director RUDY CATALDI, who contributed original drawings.

Viewings of the assembled artwork started at 1 p.m., and the auction started at 2, running until 5:40 p.m.

Among the hundreds of pieces: development sketches from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Corpse Bride," production drawings from "Ferdinand the Bull," original illustrations from Rowland Wilson, artwork from animation legend Marc Davis, as well as production maquettes, autographed one-sheets, and vintage art books.

SCOTT JOHNSTON with ERIC GOLDBERG. "Goldberg Jam," a pen-and-ink illustration of several of Eric's best-known Disney characters, brought the highest price ($3400) of any item in the auction.


Anonymous said...

Who is "charles soloman?"

Anonymous said...

Go TAG, Go Pres!

Dreamworks has agreed to allow donation of sick days too!

Anonymous said...

That Chuck guy is a "writer" of some sort.

mark pudleiner said...

I'm very happy hearing that Dreamworks is allowing Pres's co-workers to donate sick days.

Management at Disney allowed my co-workers to do the same back when my wife Shannon was ill.

I can't explain enough how this generous donation from both artists and management made a huge positive effect.

Taking off pressure from not being at work while your loved one needs help. And this being at 'crunchtime'. It was an amazing support and it truly touched my family knowing that people were giving up their paid sick days AND holiday.

This is an amazing supportive industry.
As this support for Pres and his wife has shown.

I very much hope this decision becomes a normal studio policy when someone at ANY studio finds themselves in a similar situation.

It makes me very proud being a member of this animation industry.

- I wish Pres and his family nothing but positive hope and strength.


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