Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Permanence of Three Dee -- Part XVIII

The Wall Street Journal speaks:

Katzenberg Says 3-D Is Great -- Except When It's Not

Yeah, it's a smart-ass headline, but the video at the link is interesting. Jeffrey reiterates what he's said before, but he's still more right than wrong.

3-D is going to be marching on to greater acceptance and glory. The conglomerates smell big bucks. And Sony, Samsung and the rest know a pricey, profitable new viewing platform when they see it.

So get used to the brave new multi-dimensional world of movies and teevee.


Floyd Norman said...

Jeffrey was interviewed by tech guru, Walt Mossberg at D8 a couple days ago. Jeffrey looked great, and I thought he came across very well. He made a great argument for 3D, and how it will continue to drive the business.

Anonymous said...

People are starting to revolt at the higher prices for inferior image quality of 3D films. This is good. Jeffery's doing a sell job, but the technology hasn't been sold to the public.

Anonymous said...

Think he's trying to qualify the high road in justifying the studio's expensive jump to "new, neato" 3D, just as the price hikes and bad post-conversions are starting to do damage in the press.
The article headline perfectly sums it up: Katz and James Cameron are trying to sell the industry on 3D Is Good, Except When It Isn't, and the Isn't is what most people now seem to associate with it.

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