Monday, August 08, 2011

Cornelius "Corny" Cole - 1930-2011

News has quickly spread of the passing of animation industry legend Cornelius "Corny" Cole early this morning. Brewmaster Jerry Beck has a well written post on Corny's life and accolades in animation.

We are actively pursuing information on a celebration of life service or other ways the community can pay respects.

A few words on Corny from President Foster:

This business has lost one of its greatest icons, as all his friends, and students at Cal Arts, will attest.

First time I met Corny Cole he had a small studio down on La Cienega in the 60s. I think he was doing cartoon ads for Dorman-Wintrop clothiers which appeared in the LA Times.

We met again at Murakami-Wolf in Hollywood in the 70s. I kept bumping into him the rest of his life.

The Animation Guild had long ago scheduled a gallery show of Corny's work for this coming October and, at the urging of Corny's family, we will still have that show. But now it will be far bigger and more important. It will be a celebration.

We'll have details as we confirm everything.

Add On: Willie Ito talked about working with Corny at Disney during a recent TAG Interview.


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