Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disney TVA In The Frank Wells Building

Disney Television Animation has been parked inside the Frank Wells Building on the Burbank lot for a goodly number of years now, but that's ending. Said a staffer:

"We're out of here the middle of September, going over to Sonora in Glendale. A bunch of lawyers will be getting the nice window views of all the trees. Nobody's happy about it, except it is nice to have a job ..."

A couple of other artists mentioned how Phineas and Ferb crew will be going on hiatus while the wait continues for the dynamic duo's new-season pickup.

"Everyone on the show has been working their butts off for the past year -- doing the movie at the same time the series was in work. And now people are having to take hiatuses and they're not super pleased."

I said I found it hard to believe there wouldn't be new episodes coming along, since the show is a major hit.

Disney Channel's original movie Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension averaged 7.6 million in its Friday night premiere ... [The feature] was the most watched original movie of the year among total viewers as well as kids 6 to 11 (3.4 million); and tweens 9 to 14 (2.6 million). ...

With numbers like that, and Chairman Iger touting it to financial analysts, anyone seriously believe there's not a whole lot of extra P and F installments on the horizon? But in the meanwhile, artists wait ...


Anonymous said...

I believe the artists are miffed about the fact that they have to sit and wait without any pay, whilest the wonderful surroundings are prepared for the "lawyers" (I have other names for them) to bask in. It sounds like the artists were pulling double the work and are now being crapped on as a "thank you" for making the super money making feature. Poor artists.......but who cares about them and their one.
Any of you artists want to give the real reasons why you might be angry about having to sit and wait for the lawyers to be catered to?
Too terrified huh?
I thought so.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Walt would be pleased that the animators are being treated so shabbily while lawyers are pampered and catered to. This incident reminds me of when Eisner kicked the animators out of the Animation Building Walt had designed *specifically* for animators. I DESPISE the people who run Disney now. If it weren't for my affection for Walt and his legacy, I'd never pay a nickel for a Disney product again.

Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is, much of the best that's come out of Disney in recent decades came when the creative crews were away from the main lot, like what came out of the crappy warehouse buildings on Flower Street (before the horrible Hat Building) and the Florida studio. So maybe being banished to Sonora is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

While it's nice to be on the main lot(the commissary is especially good), I've always found the Frank Wells bldg to be a fairly shitty place to work as an artist: too corporate, too sterile, too uptight. Just an oppressive vibe. Lots of stinkeye & side-eye from the execs and exec assistants, who are legion.
No, it's best left to the lawyers, believe me.

Anonymous said...

The upside is now it should cost less to run Disney TVA being that Disney charges insanely high rental space to their own productions. When I was over at the hat bldg that was brought up with John L. and Ed Catmull and they couldnt explain it either of why Disney charges their own productions insane amounts for use of the space that they already own. Be happy to be out of the Frank Wells bldg it seemed stuffy in there. Most of the people there have no idea what the multiplane camera is that sits in the foyer nor do they care.

Steve Hulett said...

I used to walk through the first-floor hallway and observe this or that television show being shot there.

One was Jennifer Garner's little spy opus. (I forget the title.) They used all the edgy architecture that was close at hand. And the Eisner-era buildings supplied plenty of edge.

Anonymous said...

Steve, the show you are referring to is "Alias."

Mmmmm.... Alias. Jennifer Garner in hot outfits every week for no reason whatsoever.


Sorry. What was this thread about?

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor that Disney TVA will produce an animated series based on "A Few Good Men?"

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