Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Exec Ankles

Sometimes its good to move on.

John Batter, the co-president of production at DreamWorks Animation since 2007, is leaving to become CEO for MediaNavi, a subsidiary of Technicolor ... Batter joined DWA in 2006 as head of production operations. ...

There have been changes at DreamWorks Animation. I get calls from employees about wages being held flat, contracts not being renewed, artists and techs being laid off.

There have been some production holes with pictures' story sequences being retooled. And of course Kung Fu Panda 2 didn't make as much money as management hoped.

$625,109,666 qualifies, you see, as a "disappointment."


Anonymous said...

WHen you've got hundreds of OVERPAID USELESS middle management stooges in a company, yes $625Million would be a disappointment.

John Batter is a Rat was leaving a sinking ship.

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