Monday, May 09, 2016

Free Money For Diversity

There's a tax subsidy bill coming up on the East Coast, and letters are being written.

Nearly 500 film and TV writers have sent letters to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo calling for a new tax incentive for television producers who hire women and minority writers and directors. Writers who sent letters include Tina Fey and Oscar winners Tom McCarthy, Paul Haggis, Marshall Brickman and Michael Arndt.

Legislation to amend the tax incentives program, which has bipartisan support in the New York State Legislature, would allocate $5 million from the state’s existing $420 million annual rebates to go toward the salaries of female and minority writers and directors. ...

Since we're all about providing cash for the production of motion pictures in various states across the fruited plain, it would be a good idea for California to hand out cash for TV animation, which fled California in the seventies and eighties and never returned.

(And sure, crtoon PRE-production is done here, a lot of it. But not production.)


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