Sunday, May 08, 2016

Worldwide B.O.

Our friends at the Walt Disney Company are (apparently) well on the way to opening their own mint ... and also too, a couple of overseas branches.


Captain America: Civil War -- $220,000,000 -- ($678,391,000)

The Jungle Book -- $24,100,000 -- ($776,185,265)

Zootopia -- $5,700,000 -- ($956,424,990)

Ratchet and Clank -- $500,000 -- ($10,095,633) ...

And the trade press notes:

... Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War added $220M overseas in the sophomore session. The cume to date is a fantastic $496.6M international and $678.39M worldwide. The China start led the charge abroad with $95.8M moving through Middle Kingdom turnstiles this weekend. ...

With a $24.1M international weekend, Disney’s swinging adventure [The Jungle Book] is well within reach of $500M overseas. The total to date is $491.2M for a global $776.19M. The Jon Favreau-helmed crowd pleaser just leapt through its 5th offshore frame in 52 territories and still has Korea and Japan to come. ...

Zootopia has zoomed past the $950M mark with a global $956.43M to date. Disney’s animated parable is the No. 1 movie of 2016 worldwide and internationally, and the 6th biggest animated film of all time. ...


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