Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Moment In Time

Observe top movies (per Box Office Mojo) released worldwide ...


1. Captain America 3 -- $1,151,887,060
2. Zootopia -- $1,023,138,866
3. The Jungle Book -- $941,315,813
4. Batman v Superman -- $872,662,631
5. Finding Dory --$872,504,409

Three of five moving pictures with the highest worldwide grosses are animated features.

There's Zootopia, a picture with funny animals in clothes. Then The Jungle Book, a picture with funny animals (and some scary ones) without clothes.

And a movie about talking fish.

The other two? They're live-action films with layers of animated visual effects. So it's probably safe to say that animation has made giant inroads into modern movie-making.


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