Thursday, August 25, 2016

Settlement Moneys

Remember the class-action lawsuit on behalf of animation employees against a whole raft of animation studios?

Some of the litigants have settled, but the suit trundles on. We've gottoen multile calls about it in the last couple of days, probably because this:

Welcome to the Animation Workers Antitrust Litigation Website

If you were an employee who held an animation or visual effects job title at Blue Sky Studios, Inc., DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc., Two Pic MC LLC (f/k/a Image Movers Digital LLC), Lucasfilm, Ltd., LLC, Pixar, Sony Pictures Animation Inc., Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc., or The Walt Disney Company during the time periods set forth in the Notice, an ongoing class action lawsuit may affect your rights, and you could get money from settlements with two of the multiple defendants in the lawsuit.

We get asked: "Is the Animation Guild involved in the lawsuit?"

We reply: "Only peripherally."

The Guild hosted some information meetings, hosted a presentation and Question and Answer session with an attorney from a large northern California law firm that was initially driving the lawsuit but ultimately pulled out.

We referred a number of members to lawyers involved with the case, and later were subpoenaed for documents and testimony. Yours Truly spent three hours getting deposed in a Century City law office.

Beyond those things, TAG has no connection to the case, though we hope that justice prevails.

Cartoon Brew has put up a post about the case and settlement. As the Brew states, a number of hurdles must be negotiated before folding cash finds its way into the hands who (likely, allegedly) were damaged by the actions of various animation studios.


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