Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekend Foreign Box Office

Sill a whole lot of animation going on.


Jason Bourne -- $56,800,000 -- ($347,900,000)

Ice Age: Collision Course -- $50,000,000 -- ($367,700,000)

The Secret Life Of Pets -- $24,600,000 -- ($724,400,000)

Suicide Squad -- $19,600,000 -- ($636,000,000)

Finding Dory -- $6,100,000 -- ($929,100,000)

Pete's Dragon -- $3,500,000 -- ($76,215,378)

Don't Breathe -- $1,900,000 -- ($28,000,000)

Sausage Party -- $1,600,000 -- ($88,708,510)

Kubo and the Two Strings -- $1,500,000 -- ($27,620,378)

The Jungle Book -- $1,300,000 -- ($959,800,000)

A trade journal tells us:

... Ice Age: Collision Course was new in China this frame, trapping $42.5M there for a No. 2 start behind Bourne. The debut makes it the top non-local animated opening in the Middle Kingdom this year. ...

The Secret Life of Pets clawed away at another $24.6M in 57 territories to bring the international total to $371.2M. The pack now has $724.4M in worldwide kibbles. ...

Sausage Party ranked No. 1 in Israel for the 3rd consecutive weekend and showing strong holds elsewhere, Sony’s Seth Rogen comedy has chomped down on a total $8.7M overseas. This weekend filled the taco with $1.6M in 16 markets. Australia saw a 29% dip for a local cume of $5.3M and Israel has now grossed $1.3M. ...

Finding Dory swam to Scandinavia this weekend, adding $6.1M in 19 total territories for an international cume of $449.5M. ...

You look at the global market, it's super heroes, action and bucketloads of animation.

Even the latest Ice Age feature, which failed to launch in the U.S. of A., will be collecting north of $400 million before it plays all the theater chains in all the countries around the globe. IA's total grosses will be four times its $105 million production cost, and so end up being another winner for Blue Sky.


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