Saturday, July 08, 2006

Our own comic book

Twelve years ago, TAG's then-President Tom Sito collaborated with members Sergio Aragones, Didier Conrad, Ronnie Del Carmen, Eric Goldberg, Mark Kausler, Mike Ploog and colorist Narry Khang, to create our very own comic book that we've used for selling ourselves to non-guild artists ever since... Our name and website URL may have changed, but the wholesome goodness of our basic message remains the same. (Click here for a copy in Adobe Acrobat format.) Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Since we first published this, many artists have seen the light and entered our ranks. We'd like to believe it's all because of the inspired work seen above, but it probably has as much to do with non-signator animation studios cutting employees' wages and benefits and ticking said employees off. Nevertheless. Well-drawn, full color comix don't hurt.


Anonymous said...

The amazin thing about that book was Sergio Aragones was the last to complete his page. I was working on Shrek at the Grandview Building when he called.
He was coming into LA (his studio is north near Santa Barbera)and he needed a desk for a minute to finish his page. I said sure, drop in.
But when he showed up, his page had nothing but a few blue sketches. He wipped out his trusty Rapidograph with the "oo" point and in about forty minutes voila! A cast of thousands. A true master of his medium!

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