Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Record Breaker

The crystal ball, apparently, is clear.

When Disney revives the long slumbering Star Wars franchise on December 18, The Force Awakens will take the global tentpole opening to a history-making high. How high? Many are already predicting a record $615M worldwide opening. ...

In a digital world where screen counts can be increased at a last moment’s notice to meet theater demand of walk-up business, a record opening of $300M stateside and $315M abroad is possible for Force Awakens.

Ordinarily I would be skeptical of one of our fine conglomerates counting its hens and roosters before they flap into the global marketplace. But since Star Wars I, Star Wars II,, and Star Wars III made boatloads of money, it's a relatively safe bet that J.J. Abrams' offering Will perform as well or better.


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