Monday, July 04, 2016

Samurai J.

CN/Adult Swim dropped this a few days ago ...

It's been up 'round and about, but I've got a few information bits from staff at Cartoon Network. ...

Unlike almost every animated TV show in the 21st century, the new episodes of Samurai Jack are not aided and abetted with animatics. I'm informed that Genndy doesn't want them, so they're not being used.

Of course, twenty years back, nobody had ever done story reels -- which is all that animatics are -- for television cartoons, as doing story reels on film were deemed too expensive. Today, digital story reels known as animatics are ubiquitous across the industry, but not for Samurai Jack.

When Genndy Tartakovsky left Sony to return to Cartoon Network and work on SJ, there were no plans for him to work on Hotel Transylvania 3. He was done with the franchise, and that was what he told many (including moi). But time passed. And by and by Sony blatted out a press release stating that Genndy T. had been signed to the third installment.

My spies and stoolies tell me that Mr. Tartakovsky had no intention of going back for a third bite at the Transylvanian apple, however Sony made him a very appealing offer, so he's returning to Culver City.

My spies and stoolies also say that there will be some overlap between the end of Samurai Jack and the start of HT3, so for a bit of a while Genndy Tartakovsky will have some extra heavy work weeks, fitting both projects into his schedule.


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