Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fyn Stec Benefit Art Auction at Cartoon Network

I just got back from the art auction to benefit Fyn Stec, son of animation pros Paul Stec and Dayla Corcoran . . . It was a great event. Almost 250 pieces were donated, including original paintings, drawings, ceramics, glassware, textiles, photos, t-shirts, a chance to be a character in a Family Guy episode (!), and lots more. Cartoon Network put out a nice spread, and the place was so packed with people it was hard to see the artwork at times. Despite that, bidding was spirited, and it was clearly a huge success. I was out bid on a couple of small items, but I did manage to win a nice Cate Dodge landscape painting. Paul related that Fyn is doing great and is about to come home. I've seen first hand in my previous career how a child's serious illness can devastate a family, and the support of friends and family is vital. It was impressive to see the animation community coming together to support its own, and this clearly meant a lot to Paul. This is exactly the kind of event that, as soon as the union is in our new building in Burbank, I'd like to see us hosting on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Reading news of this event made me wonder: how is it that our union health plan can't fully cover the expense of a dependent with such a devastating(and rare)illness, one that obviously leaves no choice but to fight completely with the best and moct pervasive treatment possible? I've always been told and believed that we have the best health coverage in the US--and yet, it falls short, in a literally life-threatening situation? I'm asking in general(maybe this is one to call the MPHF about): are there limits on catastrophic illness coverage? God, does this %$#! nation need universal health insurance!
That said-I wish I'd been able to go to this event; there is no better cause to support than each other, and our children.

Kevin Koch said...

I briefly spoke with Paul Stec to see if the health plan was working the way it should. He expressed that the plan was fantastic (which he'd also heard repeatedly from doctors and hospital administrators), and that he was very grateful for the MPIHPP coverage.

I didn't pry into further details, but I know that in a case like this there are more expenses than just the costs of doctors, hospitalizations, and medicine. I think this even was more about supporting one of our own than about shortcomings in our health plan.

And I agree about universal health care. With a lesser health plan, or heaven forbid no health coverage at all, an illness like this would quickly destroy a family. And that's what far too many American citizens face.

Anonymous said...

I thought it might be that(funds for the not-inconsiderable ancillary--god, what a cold word!-costs)...but I'd read on the net that it was to help defray the medical costs--and the thought that OUR insurance might not cover it sufficiently was awful. I'm glad it's been good for them! I've heard so often that we have the "best" that can be got--it's nice to hear it may be the truth. : )
What non-Plan members/citizens face...the thought is scary; now with the bankruptcy laws changed to make it nearly impossible to enter Chapter 7 even due to insurmountable medical bills(one of the #1 reasons, as you know, that americans go into BK)...heaven help us.
Artists are so good at pulling together. We're very fortunate, as a group, aren't we?.

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