Thursday, April 06, 2006

Joe Barbera is 95

Joe Barbera came into animation in the early thirties. He's still in it... Today at Warner Bros. Animation studio, Joe showed up to celebrate his eighth decade in the cartoon business. Oh yeah. And also his 95th birthday. A couple of hundred animation employees (newbies and old-timers) were there, along with many of the voice actors Joe Barbera has worked with through the years. Jack Nicholson, one of Barbera's former office boys (and who turned down an M-G-M in-betweener job in the fifties) sent along best wishes. Barbera still comes into his Warner Bros. office several times a week. His hair's still dark. June Foray got up and recited: Joe, if you're 95 years old, no one can tell You must have told old father time to go to hell. Ms. Foray is correct. Joe Barbera doesn't look 95. From where I stood, he didn't even look 80. Those Italian genes work wonders.


Matty said...

As in Hanna-Barbera? That was a huge part of my childhood! I think all of ours childhood.

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