Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hollywood Bows Down to Feature Animation

Since I'm going on about what's in the news, please note this Hollywood Reporter article that was on the front page of yesterday's HR... The "Ice Age" grosses are getting noticed, wouldn't you say? It's probably why the trade press puts animation front and center on Page Uno. It's probably why there will be around a half dozen digital animated features rolling down the box office pike over the next seven months. At a time when a lot of live action features are faltering, the fact that Feature Animation continues to make heavy coin perks entertainment conglomerates' interest.


Anonymous said...

When animated films start making huge cash I get a little nervous. The big bucks come first -- and then the melt down. (no pun intended)

This is the movie business, however, where nobody knows anything. By the time the conglomerates move in, the game will have changed.

T'was ever thus.

C.Edwards said...

I agree with Norman, this sort of thing makes me nervous as well. Sometimes I wish the grosses on animated films would stay in a holding pattern that would simultaneously avoid expendability and executive corruption.

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