Friday, April 14, 2006

Gnomio and Juliet live again

A few weeks ago Steve broke the news that Disney was canning the Elton John-driven Gnomio and Juliet. now reports that the project will be done by Miramax . . . The project will now be done in London, with Baker Bloodworth (a name familiar to many of you long-time Disney folks) producing. I'd heard that, because it was Elton John's baby, many people didn't expect it to ever be nixed in the first place. I guess those people were correct in a sense. My question is, given the lack of success of the last animation project Sir Elton was involved in, and the feeling that animated musicals are still a trifle passe, who is the intended audience?


Anonymous said...

No accounting for taste. This is like a Don Bluth mid 80s production, when Rock a Doodle and other flavorless tripe was being inflicted on the masses.

"Why are we making this?", from the Disney/Pixar final discussion of Gnomeo, has become a mantra to me.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother anon. : )

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