Saturday, January 19, 2008

B.O. From Florida

Hand-held video cameras predominated at the box office as Cloverfield burned up the turnstiles with $16,750,000 on Friday. (And there is a CGI alien in there somewhere, so I'm told. Animated, too.)

The number two flick, 27 Dresses, doled out a generous helping of Katherine Heigl and collected $7,650,000.

Alvin and the Chipmunks remains in the Top Ten with $1.5 million and $191 million total

And Veggie Tales' Pirates AWho Don't Know Anything remains still-born with $5.4 million (at #16).

Update: Video cams and monsters from outer space rule! Cloverfield collects a small ransom to break a box office record:

Paramount's modestly budgeted and stealthily marketed monster film "Cloverfield" opened monstrously indeed, with an estimated $41 million over its first three days, blowing away the weekend record for the long Martin Luther King holiday frame.

Similarly cashing in on what's become a key winter boxoffice session for the industry, Fox's wedding-themed romantic comedy "27 Dresses" put $22.4 million into its gift purse, bowing in second place ...

The newbies placed one and two, but the hold-overs did pretty well.

The ever-amazing Alvin collects another $7 million and is now within spitting distance of $200 million.

The Pirates Who are Thinking About It (#13) now totals $7,700,000.


Anonymous said...

"27 Dresses"... that's the J Edgar Hoover story, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

WHOO boy, was Cloverfield ever an awful film! Thankfully it's only 80 minutes long. Nothing original or imaginative at all. I'll be surprised if it lasts much past the first weekend, as the audience I saw it with booed and hissed at the end.

Anonymous said...

""27 Dresses"... that's the J Edgar Hoover story, right?"

Could just as easily be the Irving Thalberg story!!

Steve Hulett said...

Uh, Thalberg had many qualities (and a weak heart) but I don't think cross-dressing was one of them.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was. Thalberg would actually play poker with some of his very close friends wearing his wife, Norma's, dresses. Every biography I've read about him brought this up.

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