Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eye Opening Uni Conference in Madrid

Today's morning session of the IA Executive board had a fascinating report from a delegation of IA labor reps who journeyed to the Uni conference in Madrid Spain and gathered with world film makers and labor organizations. They reported that they had their eyes opened to various global realities ...

Although global film piracy is a big deal for American film companies and entertainment unions, for movie producers elsewhere ... not so much.

* Lots of foreign film directors and producers think it's okay that piracy goes on, striking a blow against the cultural and economic "imperialism" of large American conglomerates. Said one foreign film producer: "Piracy is the only way poor people have to access filmed entertainment."

* The U.S. has, by far, the largest amount of film production in terms of money spent. Average American film budget -- $30 million. India, with 1000 film produced each year, has average film budgets that total $100,000.

* One Japanese director confided that he was disappointed his film wasn't pirated, because it meant that fewer people worldwide saw it.

* Eastern European movie makers hate labor unions because of their longtime experience with unions under Communist governments. Labor as a ways to go to changer their points of view.


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