Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Over At Imagi

Once-Upon-A-Time Warner Bros. Animation, now the home of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The AMPTP moved into its new digs on Tuesday.

Spent part of the morning at the new-and-improved Sherman Oaks Galleria, where Imagi is forging ahead on Astro Boy and doing more work on Gatchaman ...

Astro boy, I'm told, has been moved up on the production slate (possibly for a 2009 release). In the meanwhile, the studio has added square footage and staff on the c.g.i. side, reduced staff (temporarily) on the story side.

A couple of hundred feet down the gallery, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have now moved into the department-store space formerly occupied by Warner Bros. Animation. I ran into Nick Counter as I walked to my car. He let me know that the Writers Guild had taken its animation jurisdiction proposal off the table.

I replied that it seemed like an inevitable move, if the writers expected to move negotiations forward. "Non-starters gotta go sometime."


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I think you mean GATCHAMAN.

Steve Hulett said...


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