Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The last day of Ralph Hulett's Christmas

Ralph Hulett Christmas card 26
© by the Estate Of Ralph Hulett. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-sized image.

LAST DAY of Christmas cards -- and Mr. Hulett departs with a Chirstmas Mouse in a pine tree. Can't get much more festive than saying goodbye with Santaesque vermin.

Here are more Ralph Hulett Christmas cards.


Will Finn said...

Steve, these were gorgeous. If they were put back on the market they'd sell like hotcakes. Thanks for sharing them with us and Happy New Year.

Steve Hulett said...

Maybe someday...

Sharon Spotbottom said...


Louise said...

Hello, I have been a collector of Christmas cards and recently I have been selling most of my collection on Ebay. Funny, without knowing that five particular cards I have were by artist Ralph Hulett, I placed them aside because I thought they were unique and beautiful. Noted in the cards is the name "California Artists" and a paintbrush, and "Christmas Horizons." I would appreciate knowing more about these cards and when they were produced. The cards are made of heavy paper, and are antique glittery gold in color. There are Christmas balls hanging from white pine branches. Mr Hulett's name is not easily seen on the card, and I just noticed the name recently. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto this great site while googling for Christmas cards. Ralph Hulett, who I don't recall hearing about before, drew some beautiful cards. I'd buy some of these if they were on the market, especially that cool Siamese cat one, the wise men ones, the spiky green desert plant with the white flowers on top of the long stem, Santa & the deer smoking on the patio set at the beach, etc. I love 'em.

Thanks so much for sharing these with the world.

Jill in Vancouver, BC

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