Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2008 Wage Survey!

TAG has completed its 2008 wage survey (the link for which you will find below the break).

Our total percentage of returned forms was 27.1%, 2.5% below last year. We wish mightily that the returns had been higher, since bigger percentages beget more accuracy, but they are what they are. (Returned forms would have equaled or surpassed last year's survey if not for the lower participation rates for a couple of new studios.)

Without further ado, some of the numbers:

What follows are classifications followed by median wages (based on a forty-hour week):

Directors (theatrical) $3,005

Directors (television) $2,400

Story Artists (feature) $2,250

Staff Writers $2,344

Production Board (television) $1,900

Visual Development $2,125

Background Layout/Design $1,800

Technical Directors $1,885

3-D Animators $1,745

For the most part, wage numbers didn't move very much from last year's survey. We always get questions like: "How come wages are so high when people are out of work?". The answer is, unemployment rates and the money people make don't necessarily track in parallel arcs.

Here's the link to the complete 2008 wage survey, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


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without h1bs the US would lose the advantage of the wide talent pool and work will move overseas.

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If the bill passes though, would'nt that put downward pressure on wages? It's speculation I suppose.


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