Thursday, March 27, 2008

Studio 401(k) Meets

Half the week has been spent with 401(k) enrollment meetings -- Disney, DreamWorks, Disney Television Animation and Nick. The drill is, do the meeting, then run from cubicle to cubicle, catching people who blanked out on the confab in the nearby conference room.

"Was that meeting today? I planned to go ... those things just creep up, don't they?"

The format is always the same: Pension Plan overview. How to fill out the forms. How to invest ("Allocate assets between stocks and bonds" ... "Diversify.")

The movie production front: At DreamWorks, crew is swinging off of Kung Fu Panda as the last few departments wrap up their work ...

At Disney, the lighting and surfacing departments on Bolt have cranked into high gear on the trailer, and have gotten word that the work flow is going to be ramping way up in the weeks ahead.

I got a bunch of questions today about overtime ...


David Gilson said...

Thanks again for sharing the movies'productions status.
Do you have any idea when the Bolt's trailer will be released to audiences or around the web please?
thx! ;)

Steve Hulett said...

None. I just know it's being worked on.

A story person up on the third floor told me Bolt still had a few story people on it, but they're only doing small tweaks and fixes, as the bulk of the story work is done.

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