Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TAG Approves Remodel of New Building

The Animation Guild executive board has approved the remodel of its new facility in Burbank by the Illig Construction Co. At a special membership meeting tonight, the plans were presented to members.

It's expected the remodel will be completed within the next eight to nine months.


Tom M said...

oooh, tres modern.

I'm sure it feels good to be getting a better space.

Anonymous said...

Looks very cool!

Although, I gotta say, the wheels of bureaucracy must turn rather slow at TAG--didn't you buy the building well over a year ago??

Kevin Koch said...

Yes, the those bureaucratic wheels do turn slowly, but it's not the TAG wheels that have been the problem. The city of Burbank has been glacial in approving first our 'Conditional Use Permit,' then in approving our electrical plans. Things that we were told would take weeks have taken well over a year. And until city hall says you can move forward, you sit on your hands while construction prices rise.

Anonymous said...

Now I'll have even more guilt when my dues are late! Congrats, it looks quite inviting.

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