Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Runaway to Abu Dhabi

Runaway production is often on animation employees' minds because it often impacts the munber of jobs in So Cal. We just, you know, never envisioned that the United Arab Republics and Dubai would figure in it so prominently:

MGM has inked a massive deal with Abu Dhabi-based real estate developer Sorouh and Jordanian animation shingle Rubicon to create an entertainment destination using MGM and Rubicon franchises ...

The U.S. is a prominent mid-east presence these days. What with the improvement projects now costing $12 billion per month in nearby Mesopatamia, money seems to be flying out the window. So it's nice to see moolah flowing the other way.

The multifaceted strategic alliance, which could be worth up to $1 billion once all the projects are completed, will include retail, leisure and entertainment facilities.

Execs are also looking into creating a dedicated film and TV production fund, as well as exploring the possibility of building an animation studio in oil-rich Abu Dhabi.

"We'll be working together to develop unique content for the region," said Rubicon chief exec Randa Ayoubi. "We will be bringing together East and West to get the best out of both worlds. We have so many stories to tell the rest of the world and actually make money out of it."

Scooby Doo produced in the UAR? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised we're not seeing more animation coming out of Iraq, seeing as how the U.S. Taxpayers are spending 12 billion a month there. Since it's not being used to rebuild the country (according to GAO and Pentagon reports), maybe they should use it to produce cartoons.

Steve Hulett said...

Sounds like a plan.

Maybe they can put some Blackwater contractors on detached duty, drawing storyboards.

Anonymous said...

naaah!, they're too busy target practicing with civilian automobiles and listening to Motley Crue tunes.


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