Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 Wage Survey

Another year, another opportunity to share information about wages with others in the animation community. ...

TAG has been conducting wage surveys since the 1990s, and the return of survey forms usually falls in the 20%-25% range. We get that some high-end employees are shy about revealing what they make (even though the reporting is anonymous). And we understand that a chosen few ... because Mom and Dad taught them it's rude to inquire about what one makes ... are downright hostile to the idea, to wit:

But what we don't get is why the response of most cartoon emplyees isn't "Hell yes! Here's my info! When you gonna publish the results?!" Because the studios already know what you and your colleagues pull down, so why folks resist having access to similar information (the better to negotiate wages) escapes us.

We have sent out both digital and snail-mail versions of the survey form, the window for submission is open for the next couple of months, so get those forms back to us pronto! So we can start compiling the results!


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