Sunday, June 01, 2014

World B.O.

... is fragrant with the smell of money.

Foreign Weekend Box Office -- (World Totals)

Maleficent -- $100,600,000 -- ($170,600,000)

Million Ways to Die/West -- $10,300,000 -- ($27,368,990)

Frozen -- $5,800,000 -- ($1,232,617,000)

Rio 2 -- $3,000,000 -- ($459,949,504)

Then there are some CG-heavy movies that have been reaping large numbers:

X-Men with $500,169,103.

Godzilla with $374,656,557.

And Spider Man 2 with $690,032,297.

And another effects heavy action flick? One getting good reviews but not pre-ordained to achieve big numbers? It's this one:

“Edge of Tomorrow” scored $20 million in 28 international markets, with the Tom Cruise science-fiction adventure opening overseas a week before it debuts stateside.

Though Cruise remains a major international star, the picture faced tough competition from Angelina Jolie and “Maleficent.” That fantasy adventure opened to a stunning $100 million abroad from 47 foreign markets. ...

As in summers past, animation in one form or another dominates the global box office.


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