Sunday, June 29, 2014

Your Foreign Box Office

Animated titles that are performing well:

Foreign Weekend Box Office -- (World Totals)

How To Train Your Dragon 2 -- $17,900,000 -- ($229,214,532)

Frozen -- $2,700,000 -- ($1,263,716,000)

And semi-animated titles aren't doing badly either.

Foreign Weekend Box Office -- (World Totals

Maleficent -- $16,000,000 -- ($585,571,000)

Transformers -- $201,300,000 -- ($301,300,000)

Edge of Tomorrow -- $6,900,000 -- ($318,654,632)

As Variety tells us:

From Beijing to St. Petersburg, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” was the clear choice of overseas ticket buyers, amassing an astounding $201.3 million, nearly half of which came from China. ...

Among other releases, Tom Cruise’s “Edge of Tomorrow” brought in $6.9 million from foreign markets, bringing its total to $318.6 million worldwide. The $178 million production will still struggle to become profitable, but it’s not the turkey some had predicted it would become. Thank you China.

China, it seems, has a lot to answer for.


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