Friday, October 07, 2016

Continuing That Upward Trajectory

... which is a theme we've recently been on, yes?

FX Networks has upped television executive Kate Lambert to the post of senior vice president of series development and animation, Variety has learned.

Lambert’s promotion comes as FX is emphasizing an expansion in animated programming, highlighted by FX boss John Landgraf‘s announcement this summer at the Television Critics Association that FXX will be moving “really aggressively” into more animated series and short-form series in the adult animation format.

In the new role, Lambert — who developed and oversees the critically-acclaimed and Emmy winning animated comedy “Archer” — will head development of animated original series and short-form animated programs for FX and FXX. She will also continue to develop live-action series for both networks. ...

More and more animation is, apparently, getting pushed into various production pipelines. This explains why I hear supervisors complaining about the difficulty in finding experienced board artists, experienced timing directors, experienced revisionists, etc.

Ms. Lambert and her promotion at FX is merely the latest indicator.

The bigger story here is that cartoons continue their run as a high-profit sector of story-telling, a sweet combination of lower production costs and higher margins.

The cable networks, Amazon, Netflix, theater chains and the wider internet are not in showbiz for the charitable side of it. The moolah is the important part, and they want to make a good college try as raking in as much as they can. Hence, animation.


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