Monday, October 31, 2016

Illumination Entertainment's Latest

So at the Yuletide, IE will be releasing the Sing feature ...

TAG blog looks at the above and wonders this going to be a hit? Forbes magazine seems to have no doubts:

... The Illumination offering is exactly what it seems like, a star-studded “Let’s put on a show!” comedy with a bunch of known actors/movie stars belting out a deluge of known/popular songs as animated anthropomorphic animals. Like The Secret Life of Pets, this is so primal of a gimmick that I’m a little shocked that no one bothered to do it before now. As I’ve discussed before, I cannot imagine that Sing isn’t going to be a huge/leggy smash when it opens over Christmas weekend, to the extent that I fear a little for anything that isn’t Sing or Rogue One. ...

But the question lingers: with all the animated feare (and animated musicals out before it, can Sing stand out? And match the grosses of its predecessors? Quite possibly. Illumination Entertainment hits a lot of triples and home runs. So maybe an animated musical two months hence is exactly what America and the world are waiting for.


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