Monday, October 24, 2016

Sausage Trophy

In the tradition of The Walt Disney Company, Sony lays the groundwork for one of its fine, animated features:

Sony is lining up screenings, mailers, ads and more as part of a quest to land Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's passion project — an R-rated spoof of animated movies that was a hit with critics and audiences — unprecedented recognition.

If you thought that Sony's Sausage Party, the no-holds-barred spoof of animated movies that took Hollywood by storm in August, would rest on its critical and commercial laurels this awards season, then you might be, well, a weenie. ...

Sony's push for the film will launch with a Nov. 1 screening and cocktail party at Westwood's iPic Theater, with Rogen and one of the film's two directors, Conrad Vernon (the other is Greg Tiernan), in attendance. The guest list will include members of the Academy's short films and feature animation branch, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (who determine Golden Globe nominees and winners), representatives of other guilds and press who cover the awards season.

In addition, the studio has slated numerous other targeted screenings and events, including a similar gathering in New York around the Thanksgiving break. ...

What Sony is doing make perfect sense.

Perfect commercial sense.

Because since forever, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has been a fine vehicle for increasing the cash flows of various movies, which is (let's face the issue squarely) one of the big reasons AMPAS exists.

So who cares if Sausage Party might be low-brow raunch? If it picks up a Little Gold Man, everything's good.


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