Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Japan brings forth a new animated short:

... "Moom as a project was an unusual challenge in that it is a Japanese CG animation that involves Tsutsumi, a Japanese director who left Japan to work at Pixar and a Japanese-American director, with me as the writer of the source material and a producer, and was made in the space between the Far East and Hollywood," says prodducer Genki Kawamura.

"The origins of the story are in Japanese animism, the concept that there are gods present in every object, something I’ve always been really captivated by," says Kawamura. ...

"Moom ... came about completely organically: I met the directors, gave them my book and they were interested in the project. I think it could only have been created as international project," says Kawamura.


Unknown said...

This comes across SOOO bland and juvenile. And if it has as much story and character as their last cartoon, that means it doesn't have much. It looks "accomplished," but no one really cares about that. They really should study story structure and study character analysis.

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