Monday, August 07, 2006

Another Monday -- More Studios

After a sleepy period, Disney Television Animation has got quite a bit going on. Among the various shows in various stages of work are: Multiple episodes of new show "Phineas and Ferb," 13 episodes of "Yin, Yang, Yo" (which is now in post). Thirteen episodes of the Disney Channel's prime time series "The Replacements" (also in post)... The new show "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" (26 episodes now being boarded -- this is the first "Pooh" in CGI), new episodes of "Emperor's New School," and "Kim Possible." "Mickey's Clubhouse," the latest series starring the inimitable corporate symbol, is on hiatus and waiting for a possible pickup for a new season of episodes. Disney Television Animation, now under the wing of the Disney Channel, seems to be cooking right along with new and returning series. We note that Disney is producing more CGI series, which of course, ain't cheap. But it might be that the Mouse House figures CGI series, though they haven't noticeably outperformed hand-drawn series, will travel farther on DVDs. What else? Rough Draft Feature Animation continues to add staff for its share of "The Simpsons" feature, a 'toon that remains (defiantly?) hand-drawn. Bart in CinemaScope. I can't wait. (I hope God is smiling on the "Simpsons" staffers who will have to deliver a full-length feature to 20th Century-Fox inside of ten months. They have their work cut out for them.)


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